Magnesium Power is taking action on climate change.

We are certified 100% Low CO2 by the Carbon Reduction Institute*

Magnesium Power has an intrinsic commitment to the environment. We are therefore very proud of our Low CO2 Certification* from the Carbon Reduction Institute – Australia’s most reliable and experienced carbon consulting company.

Magnesium Power offsets 100 per cent of its operational emissions*

To achieve this important certification, we undertook a full audit of our operational carbon emissions. We now have an inventory of all our operational emissions, measured per tonne of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases. This includes emissions from:

Our carbon inventory allows us to clearly understand our emissions, determining how to reduce and offset them.

Magnesium Power offsets every tonne of carbon emitted through our operations by purchasing a carbon credit. These credits help fund wind and solar projects in China. ​​​The China Wind and China Solar Projects provide renewable, clean energy sources for power, significantly reducing global greenhouse gas emissions and the emission of harmful air pollutants such as sulphur and nitrous oxides, helping reduce negative health impacts.

Responsible Packaging

Magnesium Power takes extensive measure to ensure our products, cartons, shipping boxes and marketing materials are recyclable wherever possible. We recognise that we have a responsibility to our environment and will continue to improve the sustainability of our packaging with the help of the Australian Packaging Covenant Organisation.

Magnesium Power is a program partner** of REDcycle – Australia’s most innovative recycling solution for soft plastic packaging! You can drop your Magnesium Power pouches, along with your other soft plastics, to your nearest drop off location found via the REDcycle store locator.

*Magnesium Power is a brand of Vitality Brands Worldwide Pty Ltd. Vitality Brands has been certified LowCO2 by the Carbon Reduction Institute (certification #LC385) under the NoCO2 Program and is in compliance with Program requirements and contractual obligations.

**Magnesium Power is a brand of Vitality Brands Worldwide Pty Ltd. Vitality Brands is a program partner of the REDcycle Product Stewardship Program.